About Us

Why choose Industry Forum?

Industry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance.

An integrated team of consultants and practitioners – all seasoned expert engineers with multi-sector manufacturing experience – Industry Forum brings together a world-class combination of improvement competency, insight, process and best practice.

Spanning automotive, aerospace, consumer appliance, electronics and food sectors, for over 20 years Industry Forum has planned and delivered some of the world’s most consistent and successful transformations for business-critical manufacturing operations.

Industry Forum provides companies with support across their organisation enabling them to drive improvement across all the capability areas that in combination deliver the outputs required to satisfy customers and drive competitiveness.

PPAP programme development

Industry Forum has over 20 years of direct experience delivering management systems core tools improvement training and consultancy activities.

Since 2012 Industry Forum has worked with Rolls-Royce to develop and deliver their Product Part Approval Process training programmes with global responsibility for training and approving both staff and supplier personnel.

Our trainers are expert practitioners in Aerospace Management Systems with hands-on industrial experience and highly developed communication skills. They have a wealth of technical expertise and often provide on-site advice and coaching. During every course we will encourage collaboration and sharing of practical experiences, ensuring learning can be put into context, empowering delegates to apply their new skills successfully in their workplace as well as making sustainable improvements.

AS standards course development

The AS9145 Requirements for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) standard has provided a standard, consistent, sector wide approach to product development, providing demonstration that manufacturing processes have the capability to produce parts that satisfy customer requirements at the required rate.

In addition to supporting a robust new product development process, many of the AS9145 required elements are equally applicable in the drive towards zero defect manufacturing in existing production.

The Aero Engine Manufacturers have standardised their supplier requirements into AS13100. Compliance to this standard is now mandated in SABRe 4.

Several of these APQP/PPAP elements are now supported by their own published freely downloadable AESQ reference manuals for the Aero Engine supply chain, providing a comprehensive and integrated series.

Rolls-Royce Aerospace are requiring suppliers to demonstrate capability to apply the tools in alignment with AS13100 and these AESQ reference manuals.

Industry Forum have created this series of two and three day courses, working in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and the wider aerospace sector to provide specialised ‘Practitioner’ level training for companies who have been mandated to apply the standards or who are engaged in initiatives to drive towards zero defects.

Our previous versions of these training courses have been endorsed by Rolls-Royce and have now been updated to meet AS13100 and associated reference manuals. Current courses are:

  • AS13100_RM13000 Problem Solving Requirements (2 days)
  • AS13100_RM13003 Measurement Systems Analysis Requirements (2 days)
  • AS13100_RM13004 Defect Prevention Quality Tools (FMEA and Control Plans) (2 days)
  • AS13100_RM13006 – Process Control Methods (2 days)
  • AS13100_RM13145 – PPAP Co-ordinator and CARe training course (3 days)

Delivery Structure

Each course has been designed to provide delegates with multiple learning styles during the training days whilst covering the requirements of AS13100 and associated AESQ reference manuals:

  • Principles are introduced through structured presentations
  • Real world application is reinforced through case study examples
  • Understanding is reinforced through small group discussions with feedback
  • Technical activities and calculations are experienced using a supporting workbook
  • Thinking is developed through reflective activities
  • Learners are encouraged to share appropriate experiences in discussion

Course formats and locations

Industry Forum is able to deliver AS13100 and AESQ reference manual aligned courses around the world through our permanent delivery team and longstanding expert associate network. For example Industry Forum has recent experience delivering aerospace management systems training in the UK, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Mexico, China, India, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The course content and materials are provided as standard in English language

Industry Forum operates a programme of ‘open’ courses on pre-set dates for delegates from multiple companies. These are based at our Birmingham UK office and at US locations. Each open course seats up to 15 delegates and places can be booked through our website. https://www.industryforum.co.uk/training/#aerospace

Additional ‘open’ courses can be set up in any country where appropriate demand requirement is identified either through the primes customers or by interest level from suppliers. To express interest in attending a course at a location in your region, please email [email protected]. Interested companies will be contacted when sufficient demand is in place to set up a local course in order to agree suitable dates and venue.

Organisations who would like to hold a course for their own personnel only should email [email protected]. Our team will respond to understand your requirements in more detail and prepare a bespoke proposal. It is typically more cost effective for organisations to undertake training in this format where there are several delegates requiring training.